Demonstrationen in Spanien

4. Oktober 2012 | Kategorie: Videoblog

As Spain announces more austerity, the country has erupted in violence. This report, which dives into the heart of the violent protests, reveals a shockingly deep divide between government and people.

„The government is trying to scare the people,“ one protester says, following the government’s dubbing of a protest outside the congress as a possible coup d’etat. It ramped up the already tense mood among a people that blame the right wing government for Spain’s economic problems. As protesters refuse to leave and sit down in non-violent protest, the police break off into small groups and chase them down. „The police started to charge indiscriminately toward anyone. We are returning to fascist repression.“ Rubber bullets and bricks fly back and forth in street exchanges of a shocking intensity. „We are not animals! We are people!“, one woman pleads with the police. But the police don’t wait long before storming down the streets, shooting rubber bullets at close range into fleeing crowds. The streets may be clear for now, but as the crisis in Spain deepens with no end in sight, popular resistance towards the government and it’s austerity project is only intensifying.


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  1. rolandus sagt:

    No coment..ausser, dass das wohl nur ein noch harmloser Anfang ist….Lol und im Hintergrund läuft die Werbung „..endlich leere Strassen“ !

    Muchass gracias de la Malle

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